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Great first game.  Had a lot of fun and the jump scares were interesting.  Wish there was more to the story.

Very well made game.. Truly scary atmosphere!

Awesome Game! I wish i could have played more

i enjoyed that! just the right amount of scares

3rd game Very good game, scared me quite much! I knew the ending was a happy ending after all ;)

Finished your game. It was a good experience, but I wish it was longer. 

Very well done! I love the atmosphere

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Except for the jump-scares, this was a great little game. Well done  graphics and very good atmosphere and good sounds. Please make more games.


Great game, enjoyed it!!


Nice game 

Love the environment and atmosphere. I wish there was more.

Thank you!

Love this game wish there was more to it. The jump scares really got me. 

Very cool atmospheric game. 

This was a really creepy and unnerving game! Really does remind me of amnesia, took me back like almost a decade. Well done!

The second game I play on my video.

This game was creepy as hell and the jumpscares caught me off guard especially the skull jumpscare. For your first horror game you did really well.

Had A Fun Time With This Game Keep Up The Great Work 



Well made game really spooky.

All the best for your future project.

My playtrough of your game

Hey! Really enjoyed your game, the ending really caught me off gaurd. love these short horror games, hope you make more! Looking forward to it, hope u dont mind if I made a vid!

Great horror game! Will be keeping my eyes out for more games from you =)

Damn this is good, especially the forest area!


I enjoyed the atmosphere with this one, was fun and creepy, and the jump scares got me a couple of times :)

estuvo muy bueno , me a gustado , los sustos en tiempos que no esperabas , pero el final un poco flojo , pero se mejora . 

This was a fun short horror game! Got me with some scares!

Cool Short Game! Loved the atmosphere, always felt like someone was near by.  But hate how the jump-scares got me :p.  Story was short just like the game. Don't know why a Plague Doctor mask was in the game or even that it scared me lol. But in all was fun to play and gave me goosebumps every corner i turned. Great Game! Keep up the good work! 

this game was incredibly scary and the vibe was amazing! I didn’t have any bugs and I thought the story was interesting as well even though it seemed a little hidden in the notes. Great game! Much love 

I Like It This Game it Reminds Me Of A Old Horror Dungeon Game

First game in the video. I loved this game!

I'm a sucker for a medieval setting. This game also spawned one of my favourite shorts ever (on my homepage) great scares in this one.

Check out my video.

This Game Exceeded My Expectations In Depth And Gameplay I Really Enjoyed The Atmosphere And The Jump scares Got Me Except One Lol. I Still had A Really Good Time Playing It And It Was Really Fun 8/10 From Me Cant Wait To See What you Do Next! ~Wang

I found it very similar to the crypt terror and the ending was kind of...

Great Game

Fun game and super spooky. Liked the game a lot. Wish it was longer! Can't wait to play more games from you!

Very fun short horror game. I loved the idea, and the environments in the game. Thank you so much for sharing it!

I played this for my YouTube channel, if you'd like to check out the video in another tab then follow this link!

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Great game, I had a lot of fun playing through it.  I love the art and graphics. I look forward to seeing more from you. Thanks for making.  PS the red eyes make a nice effect and the monster is pretty awesome!

I had a great time from start to finish, the setting and sound effects are very well worked, good game bro 👍🎮
Game Complete Here y con subtitulos en español no olvides activarlos primero.

I liked this. The eyes appearing everywhere did amazing at tension building, you have a talent for it!

Loved your game, the scares were very effective and the graphics were lovely. Never knew what to expect. The 'stay on the path' part was well-done, I didn't bother to see what happens if you don't. If this is your first game, you did an excellent job :) Thanks for creating.

Great Game, want more

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